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Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

Attention! Input results shown will be +/- 10% from middle value. Hint: The closer your min and max inputs are, the more accurate your results will be!

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Standard Springs Definition - Spring companies manufacture several spring designs to keep them in inventory and place them in a standard (or stock) spring catalog where they are organized by their dimensions.

There is over 40,000 standard springs in stock here at by Acxess Spring. You are able to search through our compression, extension, torsion, and conical spring catalogs using our online stock spring finder. What makes our standard spring finder the easiest to use in the market is that you only need a couple of your spring's dimensions to find what you need.

Search Standard Compression Springs

To do a basic search for standard compression springs using our stock compression spring finder, the mandatory compression spring measurements you will be required to fill in are Outer (or Inner) Diameter and Free Length. In case that you need a specific type of material, we offer various wire types to narrow your search down. To make a more specific search, you may select the "Advanced Search" option where you are able to input your stock compression spring's Wire Diameter, Total Coils, Solid Height, Travel Required, Rate, or Load.

To look at our entire standard compression spring catalogue, you may click on the "Search Entire Compression Spring Catalog" option at the top of our standard compression spring finder. Once you are there, you are also able to download our full standard compression spring catalogue by clicking on the "Download PDF - Entire Stock Compression Spring Catalog" option.

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Search Standard Extension Springs

The process of searching for standard extension springs using our standard extension spring finder is very similar to the one used for standard compression springs. The extension spring measurements you are required to input are Outer Diameter and Length Inside Hooks. Here, you may also pick a specific material type. To do an advanced search, you are additionally able to input your extension spring's Wire Diameter, Travel Required, Initial Tension, Rate, or Load.

The option to look at our entire standard extension springs is also available. Simply click on the "Search Entire Extension Spring Catalog" option. To download this catalog click on the "Download PDF - Entire Stock Extension Spring Catalog" option.

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Search Standard Torsion Springs

To search for standard torsion springs using our standard torsion spring finder, you'll need to input your torsion spring's Outer (or Inner) Diameter and Total Coils. The variations of wire types are also provided here. To do an advanced search, you may input either one of the following torsion spring measurements: Wire Diameter, Body Length, Leg Lengths (1 and 2), desired deflection, rate, or torque.

To take a look at our full standard torsion spring catalogue, you have the option to click on "Search Entire Torsion Spring Catalog" at the top of our standard torsion spring finder. If you need a clearer view, you may also download our standard torsion spring catalog in pdf format by clicking on the option "Download PDF - Entire Stock Torsion Spring Catalog".

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Search Standard Conical Springs

Our standard conical spring finder allows you to search for your conical springs by inputting only Large (or Small) Outer Diameter and Free Length. There are also several material variations. To narrow your search down, you may click on the "Advanced Search" option and enter the following conical spring measurements: Wire Diameter, Total Coils, Solid Height, or the average rate you would like your spring to exert.

We have our full standard conical springs catalogue online for viewing as well. You may enter it by clicking on the "Search Entire Conical Spring Catalog" option at the top of our stock conical spring finder. The option to download the catalog in pdf format is shown at the top of this page as "Download PDF - Entire Stock Conical Spring Catalog"

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Spring Creator

Don't have a spring design yet? At The Spring Store by Acxess Spring, you will find our famous free online spring calculator tool, Spring Creator where you are provided with a compression spring calculator, an extension spring calculator, and a torsion spring calculator. Here you are able to work on your spring's design by only adjusting your spring's physical dimensions. It will provide you with all the information you need in order to make sure that your spring will function correctly in your mechanism. From spring rate to the weight of your spring, Spring Creator, has you covered.

Compression Spring Calculator

Spring Creator, compression spring calculator

Extension Spring Calculator

Spring Creator, extension spring calculator

Torsion Spring Calculator

Spring Creator, torsion spring calculator

Design with confidence with Spring Creator 5.0

With Spring Creator 5.0, you have a complete tool at your disposal to create perfect springs for your projects. Design compression, extension, and torsion springs, adjusting every detail to your specifications. Download PDF blueprints and visualize your springs in 3D to ensure they are suitable for your project. Try our tools for free and start designing today!

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