Spring Spec Sheets and Blueprints

Specsheet blueprint compression spring selected


A compression spring's spec sheet or blueprint is a crucial document that provides detailed information about the spring's design, material, and performance characteristics. It is essential for engineers, manufacturers, and buyers to have a thorough understanding of a compression spring's spec sheet in order to select the most appropriate spring for a particular application. The spec sheet includes information such as the spring's outer diameter, inner diameter, wire diameter, free length, and load capacity. It also specifies the spring's material, finish, and any special features or tolerances. By carefully reviewing a compression spring's spec sheet, engineers can ensure that they are using the correct spring for their application and avoid any potential issues with performance or fit. Additionally, a spring’s blueprint / spec sheet can be used to compare different spring options and make informed decisions about which spring is the best choice for a specific project. Overall, a compression spring's spec sheet is a vital resource for anyone working with springs and should be carefully reviewed and understood before making a selection.

This spring blueprint / spec sheet document contains a lot of relevant spring information:

The physical measurements or dimensions of the spring are essential in order to select the right spring for the specific application. For example, if the spring must fit into a very tight space, it is important to know its diameter and thickness to ensure it meets the space requirements.

The resistance and force of the spring, are very important characteristics in order to determine the correct rate of the spring to support loads and allow for a safe travel or deflection distance without deformation. This is especially important in applications in which the spring must support high loads or be subjected to long amounts of travel distance. Knowing these properties allows engineers and designers to choose a spring that meets the load and travel distance requirements of the spring.

The type of material from which the spring is made is also important as it influences the mechanical properties of the spring and its behavior at high and low temperatures or environments that are liquid or humid. 

Another characteristic of the spec sheet is that it contains the graphic representation of the spring with the explanation of its physical measurements, this will help give reference to said spring dimensions.

Below we will show you the steps to follow so that you can obtain a blueprint of the spring with all the valuable information


Spring Finder Icon

Step 1: Look for the icon of our Spring Finder tool, located at the top of our site and click on it


Step 2: Fill in the fields with the dimensions of the spring, once the parameters have been entered, click on the Search Button (important, check that the unit of measure used when setting the parameters is correct )


Specsheet input the parameters pringfinder


Step 3: Immediately, a list of the search results that you enteredjust did will appear. In this list, you will be able to find all the springs closest to the parameters that you have just entered. Next, simply choose the springone that best suits your needs. Select one of these, and from here, you will have two options to obtain the blueprint:


Specsheet table of results spring finder
specsheet menu in table download blueprint


1.- On the right side of the table, there is “Menu” anthis icon, which when clicked, two options appear. Clicking on the first option "Download Spec Sheet" will open another tab in your browser and you will be able to view the blueprint of the spring that you chose.


2.- You can click on the part number of the spring (located on the right side in blue), which is the identifying name of this spring, by clicking on it. The product page will open, and give you relevant information about your spring. In order to view and download the Spec Sheet, select the button called “Spec Sheet / Blueprint” is located below the 3D image of the spring. A new tab will open in your browser and display your blueprint.
Specsheet blueprint product page compression spring


Once these steps have been followed, you will be able to download the file to your computer, cell phone or tablet. Totally free! Simply look in the upper right part of the screen where the blueprint is, the option called "save" and this will download the PDF of the Spec Sheet.


Specsheet blueprint compression spring selected


As you can see, the steps to obtain this valuable tool, that we put at your disposal, is very simple to use. Now, you can choose the spring you are looking for with certainty.