Custom Spring Information

Welcome to our Custom Springs Information page where you will find several custom spring types with technical articles explaining the benefits of custom springs.

Our custom spring articles will help you discover things like the variations of custom spring designs and when it is best to buy specialty springs. Click on a link under a subject you're interested in to learn more about that subject.

The "Custom Spring Types" section explains

Custom Spring Types

In this section you will find information regarding the different types of custom springs you can have manufactured. From linear compression springs to non-linear compression springs. To buy custom compression springs online with customization like these, you must request a quote via email and preferably send us a blueprint or drawing of your spring design. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a compression spring for a specific product mechanism.

  • Custom Dual-Pitch Compression Springs
  • Custom Wire Springs
  • Double Cone Springs
  • Expansion Springs
  • Garter Springs Manufacturers
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Rotational Springs
  • Specialty Springs
  • Custom Spring Applications

    This section is a bit more specific as far as the applications where you may find custom compression springs. Pretty useful information if you're working on a similar device or are interested in learning what function these compression springs achieve in these applications. Also learn what customizations may help you in your compression-spring triggered device.

  • Spring Loaded Applications
  • Springs for Ballpoint Pens
  • Springs for Knives
  • Springs for Medical Devices
  • Springs in Parallel
  • Large Springs
    1. Large Compression Springs
    2. Large Extension Springs
    3. Large Torsion Springs

    Material Types

    Here you are able to learn about the material types available to have your custom compression springs made. The material types specified here are the ones we use for our stock springs. You can actually find information on more extravagant material types at our main Acxess Spring website.

  • Stainless Steel - Coil Spring Design
  • Stock Wire Spring Types
    1. Stock Music Wire Compression Spring
    2. Stock Music Wire Extension Springs
    3. Stock Music Wire Torsion Springs


    The manufacturing section informs you on spring sales types such as low quantity retail and high quantity wholesale. It will always be a cheaper option to buy in larger quantities, specially when it comes to compression spring manufacturing. Learn about our manufacturing and sales processes to know what option is best for your case.