When We Started and Where We are Today

  • beginning of Acxess Spring


    The Beginning of Acxess Spring

    StockSpringsCatalog.com is a sister store of The Spring Store, a division of Acxess Spring located in Southern California. We have always worked with our customers to help them obtain the ideal springs for their products. We started over 20 years ago in a small workshop in Downey, CA. As our company grew and our customers’ needs expanded, we realized that the demand for stock springs increased.

    In the late 1990's we relocated to Riverside, CA. Acxess Spring customers began innovating and adding new products to their portfolio, and stock spring prices are more accessible in small retail quantities. At the same time, we realized that many other customers in the beginning stages of prototyping could greatly benefit from testing out two or three different stock springs, before ordering a custom sample batch.

  • when The Spring Store started


    Stock Springs Online

    We decided that Acxess Spring needed to create its own stock division, so we got to work right away and started planning and preparing to create a stock department that could allow our customers to easily obtain off-the-shelf springs. We came up with TheSpringStore.com.

    The journey towards creating TheSpringStore.com was truly a challenge, but we did it! It not only required programming, web design, and in-depth information on spring design to make the website come to life. It also required structural changes to the company, such as making the stock springs and implementing processes that would allow customers to find, buy, and obtain the springs they needed.

  • launch of The Spring Store


    The Launch of The Spring Store

    We launched our online store in September of 2013 and created online tools such as Spring Finder to facilitate the search for the right spring. The demand for this was greater than expected and we soon realized that we needed more space. A bigger warehouse was a must for the storage of the stock parts and more machinery to manufacture larger stock quantities.

  • The Spring Store's location


    Moving Forward

    In 2015 we finally moved into our current location in Colton. Thanks to our loyal customers, innovative advancements and growth we continue to grow and serve many industries by creating truly reliable springs, as well as innovating the spring industry. Today, we serve both local and global clients. Our free online tools are used by companies all over the world.

  • stock springs catalog online store


    StockSpringsCatalog.com is Launched

    In 2019 we realized the large demand for compression springs and other stock springs that people would buy through heavy catalog books. We focused our efforts in an online store dedicated to meeting our customer's needs for both stock and custom compression springs and created StockSpringsCatalog.com Our easy to use tools allow customers to find catalog stock springs quickly and to buy the right stock spring directly at accessible pricing.

We have come a long way since 1996 and we still have a long way to go as well as more innovations to show.

So where are we? We aren't just located in Southern California. We are in every one of the products that carry our springs, we are in local, national and global products. We are a few clicks away.